Unique Book Club Ideas You May Want to Try

I wanted to share my top three book club ideas with you, which I personally experienced. My favorite was a group of kids in middle school who held a Saving Sailor reading club every Friday in their school library, hosted by the school librarian, during their lunch hour. Some brought brown bag lunches to enjoy during the discussion.  This group read one chapter a week. When they finished the book, they invited me to come visit their group and everyone got to ask their most burning questions about the story and share their thoughts with me. Ask your school librarian about possibly hosting a group at your school. I would suggest The Mazie May Farley Series or AJ's Ireland for grades 3 to 6, and Saving Sailor or Taking Tuscany for middle schoolers.

Another book club was arranged by a teacher as an after school program for her middle school girl's group. These were girls considered high risk kids from difficult living situations and the teacher felt Saving Sailor would help encourage them to set higher standards for their lives and in their relationships. I also had the privilege of meeting with this group and had a great discussion about our worth and holding out for the best in life.

My third group was a Girl Scout troop who read Saving Sailor individually, then invited me to a play that they put on from a scene in my book, posing as the characters in the story. It was amazing to see my story come to life in these highly talented Girl Scouts! Everyone of them deserved an Oscar!

I would love to hear any ideas you may have for hosting creative book clubs or reading groups. Book clubs can be held in your home, school, church, bookstore, coffee shop, city park, and many other creative venues of your choice. One group that read Taking Tuscany decided to have an Italian theme running each week, and at the end of the book, they planned to throw a big Italian feast! Those are the kind of things I love to be invited to! lol!

Drop me a line in My Little Post Office or add your comments to my blog with your ideas or share creative things you have already done with your own book group. When you're done with the story,be sure to throw a book themed party---like the one we had at the fair, just like a scene in  The Summer of the Carousel, in the Mazie May Farley Series!