The Ever-growing Memories.....

I love how time can soften memories. The tender times become more tender, and, in my Pollyanna mind, the not-so-great memories tend to fade. Better yet, I am often able to see the silver lining that I could not see in the midst of trials.

Turning my best childhood memories into a fiction story with Saving Sailor was the best of both worlds; I was able to write about all the best of times and add a few "what ifs" to make it a story I could truly enjoy writing and reading. Feeling a bit sad when the trilogy came to an end, I decided to write my real memoir for the secret family archives. I have kept this memoir going for ten years now....and I'm up to about 450 pages! That's another reason this will only be for my family....who else would want to read that much about someone's not-so-spectacular life? But to those in the story, it was spectacular. It was over the moon spectacular, and by the time I stop writing I hope to have a new generation of grand-kids to enjoy it. At present I only have furry grand-kids, but they are helping to make some of the best memories now. My favorite part of the book is the photos. Some date back to my Italian grandparents crossing the ocean to America in 1918. All of my baby / toddler days are in black and white. And then came the day I bought my horse in full color.Some of my favorite photos are from my little red and white farm we bought when my own babies were toddlers. Those were my golden years of motherhood.

What I love about this book is, there are no I will keep on writing until the ultimate deadline sends me off to meet The One who gave me all these wonderful memories to begin with. I am grateful for each day I've had to live and for all those I've had the joy of sharing this over-the- moon life with.

I would love to encourage you to begin a memoir of your own. You don't have to be an author, or even a particularly gifted writer to write a memoir for your family. The story is a gift in itself to those who share your memories. They won't mind if your grammar isn't perfect or if there are a few typos,....all that will matter are those memories that can trigger so much joy that the technicalities won't matter. You can type it, hand write it in a journal, or even run some print copies--there are many inexpensive options these days. So give it a try...just start with one good memory. That will lead you to the next, and before you know it, you will have a treasure on your hands to share for years to come. Give an over-the-moon gift to those with whom you've shared this life. The other secret is; only write about the good ....let the hardships slowly fade with time. Give them your best. And may it be blessed.


Just Released!!
Just Released!!