Looking Back

2017 began with writing for Forget Me Not Romances. I found a home for Dawn's Gentle Light, and was encouraged to write some more romantic novellas.....so I did! I reworked Happy Camper, Summer of the Carousel, and Farley's Five and Dime. I wrote Always Kiss Me Goodbye, The Reluctant Cowgirl, The Scullery Maid's Day Off,  A Chance of Rain, Jackson's Treasure, Liza of Green Gables, and Sweetwater Cafe.

Looking back, I am thankful to have had so many books come out in one year, which means I have been running around all year with my head full of characters. I'm grateful to be a writer, and equally grateful for my readers who enjoy sweet, clean, inspirational stories--without whom, I would have little motivation to write. So, thank you, dear readers. I hope you will follow me into 2018--I have a world of new characters I'm dying to share with you! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Coming Soon....PURR-suasion March 1, 2018