Historical Romance

Lady Adeline's Autumn Ball













Ellwood Manor, Rose Glen, West Virginia 1864Young Lady Adaline's days fluctuate between tea parties in the rose garden at Ellwood Manor, and attending to wounded Union soldiers injured in the Civil War. When the town's hospital, plantation homes, and government buildings, overflow as makeshift hospitals, Adaline's mother, Lady Ellwood, offers Ellwood Manor as a convalescent home to recovering soldiers. Adaline and her best friend, Maggie, tend to the men by cheering them with reading Charles Dickens stories and writing letters home for them. But when they realize most of the men will be spending Thanksgiving away from home, they offer to put on an Autumn Ball and Feast for the soldiers and local ladies. Love, heart-break, and good-will join hands in this heart-warming holiday story.

Christmas at Pine Cottage: sequel :40 years later....













West Virginia 1906

Ana Popesque arrives at Miss Ellwood's boarding house in Pine Glen to find she's boarding with a couple of very chatty housemates. The constant laughter and gossip make it difficult to focus on her violin practice for her upcoming Christmas Symphony. It's not until the other girls leave for Christmas break that Ana is left with the peace quiet of Pine Cottage. But in that silence, she hears beautiful violin music coming from the boarder downstairs. Before long, her heart strings are so drawn by his melodious ballads, she's compelled to discover what lies behind such sweet, sorrowfully beautiful music.A feel good Christmas story of love, acceptance, and joyful reunions.












The Skullery Maid's Day Off

South Carolina, 1908: Scullery maid, Lucy Forman, has been serving at Worthington House since the day she turned sixteen. Now, at nineteen, she is asked to take over the duties of gathering chicken eggs out by the stables. It doesn't take Lucy long to notice there's more to see at the chicken house than just chickens. When Stable boy, James Parker notices the young, red-head in place of Bossy Betty, he suddenly takes a deep interest in repairing loose boards down at the coop. Falling through the wall of the hen-house was not his intention, but when he sees the cute maiden on the other side, he can't help but fall for Lucy. Downton Abbey fans who are intrigued by what goes on below the stairs, will love following the antics of Lucy and the fun, feisty kitchen maid, Lizzy. Who, but Lizzy, could talk Lucy into sneaking down a six-story fire escape to go to a dance? Mischief and young love are in store... Readers will get to decide who really lives life to its fullest; the well-to-do Gentry, or those who serve them.

Dawn's Gentle Light

When an early 1900s love story makes its way from revolutionary Russia to a small town in America, a young girl’s life begins to change. Clara Bradley moves from the city to a remote farming town in Eastern Washington—with nothing to offer a young cheerleader but miles of snow-covered wheat fields. She now has no cheer team and nothing to cheer about. But that move brings her an unusual neighbor: an elderly Russian woman who has a love story she is translating into English. Clara’s love of books draws the two together and she becomes immersed in the lives of Nina and Pasha. “Nina sat beneath the tree, winding a bright yellow ribbon through her dark, shiny mane, then wove it all into a long, thick braid. Catching her reflection in the pond, she had to admit she felt pretty. As she filled glasses from a water pitcher, Pasha appeared in the orchard walking toward her. He was wearing a clean white tunic shirt contrasting his dark hair and tanned face. The instant his soft gaze caught Nina’s, her heart fluttered. For the first time, she had an acute awareness that Pasha was not her brother, or even her best friend. He was someone far more endearing.” Dawn’s Gentle Light transcends two Countries, two different time periods, and three hearts in need of friendship, hope and the goodness of God.

Always Kiss Me Goodbye

In 1948, twenty-one-year-old Shannon Lyons immigrated to America, and was hired as a waitress at The Crater Lake National Park Lodge in Oregon. That same summer, an Italian bus boy, Johnny Marino, is returning for his third summer. It takes some time for Johnny to work up the nerve to ask the beautiful new waitress out on a date. A few dates, hikes, and picnics later, the two are celebrating Shannon’s birthday and take a sunset drive to see Phantom Ship Island. Everyone has one summer in their life that stands out above the rest. For Johnny and Shannon, the summer of 1948 was one of those summers~

Jackson's Treasure

When Peyton Abercrombie runs away from an arranged betrothal, she is soon discovered by Captain Jackson Lafitte stowing away aboard the Mon Cherisse. "Did you say your last name is Lafitte?" Peyton glanced around the Captain's cabin. "Oh my goodness; a sword, a crew of uncultured men, barrels and barrels of who knows what all…you, Captain, are a pirate! ....I am on a pirate ship!" "I prefer to call it a cargo ship," Jackson replied, "and I'm sorry to inform you that you won't be staying." "Oh, please let me stay—I promise I won't be any trouble." Peyton looked longingly into Jackson's eyes with a silent plea. Jackson sighed, knowing it was a crazy request. "I'll take you as far as Grand Isle—but that's it." "Truly?" "You'll have to stay hidden until we dock." Jackson glanced around the cabin. " I'll sleep in the bunk room with the men. Where are you planning to sleep?" "The top bunk here looks fine to me." "That's Sinbad's bed." "Who's Sinbad?" "My cat." "Your cat? Pirates don't have cats, they have parrots. What kind if pirate are you, anyway?" Peyton received a pair of raised eyebrows, strongly suggesting that she was pushing her luck. "Oh, fine, I'll sleep with your cat." Enjoy the voyage as this romantic comedy erupts upon stormy seas...