PURR-SUASION in progress
PURR-SUASION in progress

The story writing process differs greatly from author to author. I thought it might be fun to take you along on my writing adventure this time. 

As I have mentioned before, many of my story ideas are triggered by a simple photo. This cat, alone, is responsible for the idea of PURR-suasion. There's just something about a cat with little boots on, and a cape,  and a hat, and a sword, that cannot be left alone. The idea of a cat playing Matchmaker came to mind when I saw him. I also love Jane Austen, and thought I needed to put this debonair little fellow into a very prestigious story. And so begins PURRsuasion. 

I also needed a beautiful heroine, of course, and found this true beauty in a gown to die for. And, the fact that there was a little mouse in the picture with the cat triggered all kinds of ideas. Somehow this cat and mouse are going to have to get Captain Wentworth and Anne together in the theatrical play: Persuasion-- which will take place in one of my favorite small towns: Leavenworth, Washington. Leavenworth  is a small replica of a German town with chalets, and quaint little shops, and great restaurants.  I thought it would be the perfect setting for a theater performance of the Jane Austen play. 

I always have to add something that's happened in my life to the story, so my heroine is going to be working as a pet groomer, and just like me, when I bought my first pair of shears and practiced on my cat, Twig, poor Twiggy came out looking like a scruffy little Alley Cat who had gotten into a few good brawls.  My intention was really to create a small version of a lion. It did not go well. 

I gave up my pet grooming dream after that episode.

 This is about all I need to know to begin writing  this story. Now that you know where it all starts, I'm going to go launch in and see where it goes from here. I'll keep you posted with the progress as we go along. Chances are you'll get a small glimpse into the quirky mind of a rom-com writer.