Happy Snowy Winter

Happy Snowy Winter!!
Happy New Year to my friends and readers!
As we find ourselves in holiday recovery mode ( yes, I ate everything in sight, and my house still looks like a tornado hit), I thought I'd take you for a tour of the little Bavarian town I just spent my birthday in. Surprisingly, I did not have to fly across oceans to get here. Leavenworth, Washington is actually a replica of a small Bavarian town in the Swiss Alps....right here in Eastern Washington. In 1960, Leavenworth was a dying ghost town, when two creative residents came up with the Bavarian theme to try and save their little town. Their idea worked and brought tourists from all over. Now we have all kinds of festivals and tree lighting celebrations for families to enjoy. The other wonderful aspect about this town-- that differs from my own--there is SNOW! I can hardly bear a winter without snow--granted, we did have snow ONE day in my hometown--for about two hours--and then, it melted. So, when it came time to plan a birthday get-away, I had two requirements:
1. SNOW.
2. Dog friendly--because I cannot leave my two big fur babies in a kennel when they could be playing in the snow and staying in a nice pet friendly hotel.
Coincidentally, I wrote a story this past year about a dog groomer who moved to Leavenworth to open her new grooming salon. She lives in a cozy studio chalet above a restaurant with her cat Sofie--who decides to flirt with the theater cat who lives at the Backstage Playhouse--with the playhouse owner's son, Dawson, who has the lead role in the play Persuasion and is in dire need of a leading lady.
Enter Zoey, who meets Dawson when she goes in search of her missing cat...you get the picture.
You can find it here .....but hurry...there's only one left!
:) Just kidding.
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Because I Love a good deal, I have combined my two favorite theatrical comedies
TOAD~ally SMITTEN into one book;
Now you can get both stories in one book. Childhood friends, Liza and Dillon, star in community plays together, performing for children's charities. As they grow up together, what began as a childhood crush--on Dillon's part, develops into something more endearing. But what will it take for Liza to realize that The Frog Prince and the Frog's Princess are destined to be together....come for opening night and see the sparks fly!
Wishing you all a wonderful cozy New Year with a few quiet moments to enjoy a good story that TAKES YOU AWAY!
May God Bless you all,